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3D Paper Dolls: Disney Princesses MagiClip Dolls

January 28, 2014

Who hasn’t played a paperclip doll when they were little? I did, many times. They were cheap and have loads of accessories. The problems with paper dolls are that they can break once there paperclips start to tear due to too much folding, and the dolls don’t really stand on their own so they playing […]


Disney Animation Released Josh Gad’s “In Summer” Sequence From Frozen

December 23, 2013

Disney Animation released in their YouTube channel a sequence performance of Olaf singing “In Summer” from the movie Frozen. Watch the short video below. I love the part where he sang “winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a…” then they showed a puddle of […]


Disney Pixar Planes Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC

December 17, 2013

Disney Pixar’s Planes Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC has been picked by 1000 kids as Walmart’s Holidays Top Toys for 2013 for ages 3 to 5 years and included in 2013 Holiday Toy List by Amazon. There are so many RC cars in the market with varying designs and sizes, and a lot of them […]


Disney Animation Released Idina’s “Let It Go” Full Sequence in Frozen

December 7, 2013

Today, Disney Animation released the full sequence of Princess Elsa letting go of all her worries and fears,  revealing her powers and creating her palace while singing “Let It Go”, a song written by a Tony award songwriter Robert Lopez, and his wife Kristen Anderson Lopez. The song was basically created in a day, said […]


Collect Disney Frozen’s Olaf and Sven Singing and Talking Plushies

November 20, 2013

Olaf and Sven from the new and upcoming Disney animated movie Frozen come to life with these new plushies. The 10-and-a-half-inch Olaf the Snowman (on the left) has an on and off switch on its foot where it talks about how he much love summer and moves while singing a few lines of “In Summer” […]


Create Belle and Rapunzel’s Ball Gowns using Play-Doh

November 20, 2013

Like a cake or a cookie, anyone can create and keep recreating wonderful designs that sweets can offer. Great thing about Play-Doh is that you only keep on redecorating without actually gaining all the calories. Well, this time for being a Princess, creating numerous Ball Gowns and Evening Dresses is a dream comes true without […]


Light Up Your Boy’s Room with Disney Cars Talking Night Light

November 19, 2013

Adding an accessory to your boy’s Disney Pixar Cars themed room? Why not a night light? More specifically a talking Lightning McQueen night light! This nightlight by Uncle Milton is designed to be a not just a night light but encourages child interaction as it says McQueen’s phrases like: “I’m so glad you’re here.” “Ha […]


Demi Lovato Sings “Let It Go” for Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack

November 19, 2013

On October 21, 2013, Demi Lovato released her cover (Audio only)of “Let It Go” for the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Movie Frozen. Later on, an official music video was released under her YouTube Channel which garnered more than a million views on just one day. The song is sung by Idina Menzel in the actual […]


Can’t Wait for Disney’s New Movie Frozen

November 18, 2013

Frozen is a tale about a Princess, Anna venturing the cold and extremes in finding her sister and soon-to-be Queen, Elsa who accidentally turned the Kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter freezing everything even if it is still summer. Together with new companions Kristoff, a mountaineer; Sven, a reindeer; and a funny snowman, Olaf; […]