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Can’t Wait for Disney’s New Movie Frozen

November 18, 2013

Frozen is a tale about a Princess, Anna venturing the cold and extremes in finding her sister and soon-to-be Queen, Elsa who accidentally turned the Kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter freezing everything even if it is still summer. Together with new companions Kristoff, a mountaineer; Sven, a reindeer; and a funny snowman, Olaf; Anna has to find her sister in time before the condescending Duke of Weselton convinces everybody in the Kingdom that Elsa is the monster so that he can take the thrown for himself.

Frozen, a timely and adventure packed animated movie for the winter season is another original production by Walt Disney Animation Studios. After the success of Tangled, they wanted to turn another of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales into an animation movie, The Snow Queen. Tangled is based on the story Rapunzel but the characters have different personalities as compared to the animated movies such as Little Mermaid, Snow White, or Cinderella. Like Tangled, they too changed the actual title of Snow Queen which is now Frozen and thus gives as another feeling that there is more to it than just the Snow Queen character.

This project had a very long history and development, and the most challenging thing that Walt Disney had to come up with is actually changing the character of the Snow Queen as a protagonist rather than a villain.

Here is the preview of the movie in case you have missed it.

Anna will be played by Kristen Bell, while Idina Menzel will lend her voice for Elsa, the Queen.

Frozen is set to hit the movie theatres on November 27, 2013.

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