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Create Your Own Virtual Town with the Lego Fusion Town Master

December 2, 2014

The Lego Fusion Town Master is included in the 2014 Toys R’ Us Fabulous 15 Toys.

Lego-Fusion-Town-MasterThe Lego Fusion Town Master is a combination of Lego brick building and virtual building that children from 7 to 12 years old can do. All it takes is to build simple 2D-like structures, photograph them, and virtual figures will build the town.

Your kid can build different buildings like houses, shops, fire stations, and roads on the baseplate. There are about 256 Lego pieces that can be used and reused to grow a town and solve problems. Each building should not be more than 16 bricks high and not more than 16 studs wide.

The main highlight of this set is the gameplay in its LEGO Town Master App. Your child becomes the Mayor who will also complete missions and mini games to earn rewards and unlock special features. Citizens will appear every time a building is made and will ask for other buildings such as Pizzeria and Bike Shop. The rewards or studs are used to purchase elements to expand the town like skate park.

Below is a demo of Lego Fusion Town Master.

The Lego Fusion Town Master is normally priced at $35, but is only $27.50 at Amazon during the time of posting.

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Some things you have to take note when purchasing this product:

  • Photos are a tad difficult to take, adult assistance may be needed
  • Should not use regular Lego pieces, the app will not be able to read them
  • Fusion products are compatible with the LEGO bricks in the same colors and sizes only
  • Check for the device compatibility of the app in this webpage before purchasing.
  • The app can only be downloaded in the U.S only

Like any other Apps, it can be played on the go even without the Lego bricks. But once your kid uses Lego bricks with it, the App will encourage your kid to play and build with the Lego bricks, and rest from screen time.


Images courtesy of Amazon and Video courtesy of YouTube/Lucas’ World


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