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Welcome to, a Mother’s Ramblings on Baby Products and Parenthood.


Hi, my name is Jill Padua. I am a Stay-at-Home-Mom to a toddler, Jacob Riley. Professionally, I am a licensed Electronics Engineer. I am an entrepreneur.  I do little graphic designs and code websites for clients and my own. I like photography, crafting, and ballroom dancing. And I love reading as much as I love to voice out my opinions. I am the main author of baby Chattel.


Desire to Blog

After graduating a 5-year course in Electronics and Communications Engineering and securing my license as an Electronics Engineer in 2004, I first worked in a Japanese manufacturing company that assembles LCD/TFT and Touch Panel screens for about three years. So if you are curious about that kind of technology, I can explain it to you with my eyes closed ;). And because of those education and experiences my appreciation for gadgetry never waivers.

Even as an Engineer, I did not feel happy with my chosen career. What I really love is a whole lot of reading. So for my next job back in 2008, I applied as a Human Knowledge Assistant where my main function is to answer questions that are coming in through our database. Those questions are from people logging through the website via computer or mobile. Researching was a major part of the job and I very much enjoy that. Though the idea is great at that time, iPhones and Androids came where anyone can browse the internet with the touch of their fingertips. So to this date I am not so sure about the company. Nevertheless I had to leave when I got pregnant due to horrendous morning sickness.

When my son is about 1 year old, I started looking up the internet on different business models. I do wanted a business where I can be a full-time mother and an entrepreneur at the same time. I saw ads that keep on popping up on topics saying “Make Money Online”. I got curious and sure enough, I liked the terms blogging and affiliate marketing.

So here I am doing what I love, being a mom, reading, researching, and writing – blogging to my heart’s content! I have been blogging for almost two years now in different niches and Baby Chattel is my 5th already.


What is a Chattel?

Finding a suitable name for a Blog is definitely a challenge nowadays as there are numerous catchy ones that are already taken. I do not want my brand to be redundant of those or get a domain name with simple keywords. So I chose chattel.

Chattel, pronounced as chat-l, pertains to property. By definition, in law it means personal property. In some cases it pertains to slave, since in earlier times slaves are considered as personal properties. There is no way will I reference any article or content in this blog as a slave. I only chose the word chattel to properties that can directly or indirectly belong to babies. A chattel can be a gear, good, equipment, paraphernalia, ensemble, or even thingamajig!


Why Review Baby Products?

When I was still pregnant, I turn to the internet to check out what products should I purchase for my baby. Sure enough I found lots of them. Some of the basics I already know, but there are a lot of new products that I am fascinated about. If only I have all the money in the world I’ll get all of them for my son. But it’s still not practical as they are going to be used for a few years. So the question is which should I get? It’s this same question that I ponder whenever I talk to my friends and relatives. So I thought, since I know just exactly how to put together a review, why not something that is so much close to home?

So there, I thought that many parents around do not have the time to do all the work, and since I like to do this kind of work, why not provide a well-researched information on a baby product before purchasing them?


On Parenthood

Baby Chattel is one part product review site, one part blog on parenthood. So many websites have that, I know, but I have my first-hand experience on this. I am raised in a traditional but not so conservative family, so I get a lot of guidance from my Registered-Nurse-Mother, a major advantage (I know, 2 in 1). I also learn from my friends’ experiences with their kids. So with all of these and several scientific references, I think I have enough to share which will benefit both experienced and new parents.

Though my articles may include only that of from early childhood (following my son’s age) I will definitely update it in as much as I can.


The Pram

I chose the pram to be Baby Chattel’s logo. The Pram or Stroller is huge baby equipment that everyone purchases. You will find it in different shapes and sizes throughout the ages and different cultures. It is what we all know as one of the methods of baby transport. The pram or perambulator is a large baby transport which became popular during the Victorian Era. There are also the baby carriages, pushchairs, slings, backpacks, car seats, and baskets. The variation is endless. And as years roll in, we will see many more of these. Baby Chattel will look into each and every bit of them as much as I can muster.


Baby Chattel’s Site Design

Just a few months into blogging, I found so many other websites that have interesting and eye-catching web designs. I used to use generic templates.  Since I am into graphic designing and could understand codes, I took a few months learning how to create my own. I learned and appreciated HTML/CSS and then incorporate it with WordPress, voila! I have managed to design and code a site that looks and functions just the way I like it.

Baby Chattel comes in 3 basic colors: Green, Yellow, and White. I chose this palette because they are neutral and are not harsh to look out. So reading and browsing through my site is easy. Also, I made sure that the look and functions are quite simple, so that each visitor can have speedy loading time and can browse through it in less than no time. The site is also Responsive which means you can view it in a computer screen, a tablet, or even a mobile.


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