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Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair Review: Entertaining and Easy to Clean

April 14, 2013

Consumer Rating:

Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair

The Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair is a perfect compact high chair that can entertain a baby while the mom can prepare his meal. It has a toy that snaps in place on the tray which is operated by 3 AA batteries. This encourages babies to develop their motor skills as they want to reach and punch all the buttons and spin the toys on it. Also, it stimulates their senses. It has music, lights, sounds… the works!

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[toc] Easy Assembly

The Rainforest High Chair is easy to assemble. Once it is up, you can leave it on the dining room and does not take too much space. It is 44 x 34 x23 inches and weighs 18 pounds. It is made of metal so it can support a kid up to 50 pounds. It has 7 adjustment heights so your baby can also eat on the table with you without the tray.

If you want to check out and download the Rainforest High Chair instructions and manual, go to this link. You need an Adobe Reader in order to view the document.

Easy To Clean

Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair PartsThe greatest thing about this high chair is that it is so easy to clean and maintain. And that is such a great thing because feeding a baby is the messiest thing in the world to deal with. The tray itself snaps on and off. It also has inserts when the toy is not on the tray. These tray and inserts along with removable straps are dishwasher-friendly. Also, the seat covers are removable which makes them easy to clean in case food reaches there.

Replacement Parts

Fisher Price offers replacement parts for the Rainforest High Chair such as straps, trays, and covers at this site.

Rainforest High Chair Recall

At September 30, 2010, Fisher Price recalled Healthy Care, Easy Clean, and Close to Me High Chairs due to laceration hazard. This meant that children can fall on or against the pegs on the rear legs of the high chair resulting in injuries or lacerations. The pegs are used for high chair tray storage. You can read all the details in here.

The K2927 Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair is affected by this recall and all the following high chair models:

  • 79638 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • 79639 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • 79640 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • 79641 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • B0326 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • B2105 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • B2875 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • C4630 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • C4632 Link-a-doos™ Deluxe Plus Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • C5936 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • G4406 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • G8659 Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair™
  • H0796 Deluxe Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • H1152 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • H4864 Aquarium Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • H7241 Healthy Care™ High Chair
  • H8906 Close to Me™ High Chair
  • H9178 Easy Clean™ High Chair
  • J4011 Easy Clean™ High Chair
  • J6292 Easy Clean™ High Chair
  • J8229 Easy Clean™ High Chair
  • L1912 Healthy Care™ High Chair

The K2927 Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair has been discontinued since 2010.

Price And Consumer Ratings

The Rainforest High Chair is in retail for $130.00. But during this post is made, it is only $106.58 at Amazon which will give you 18% savings.

The Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair has been rated as 4.3 where 55% of them rated it as a 5. It has is Top 8 for High Chairs category.

The Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair is entertaining, easy to maintain, and definitely a great investment that can be used by growing family.

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Images Courtesy of Amazon and Fisher Price

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