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UPPAbaby Vista 2012 Stroller Review

August 11, 2012

Consumer Rating:

The UPPAbaby Vista has been a favorite amongst the luxury stroller brands since it was first released. It looks very modern and stylish. It is packed with features that aim to grow with your family and adapt your lifestyle. It includes a bassinet and can support car seats for the infant stages whether at home or during travel. It is compatible with a second seat and sibling board to accommodate your bigger children to ride along with the baby.

Last February, the 2012 version of UPPAbaby Vista was released. Below are the new upgrades from the 2010 and 2011 Editions.

  • Added a new 5th recline position where it can lay flat
  • The seat has more padding
  • Bumper bar has a removable  and washable cover
  • Canopy’s height can now be adjusted to accommodate taller kids
  • Added a magnetic closures to the canopy’s ventilation
  • Upgraded front suspension
  • Upgraded front wheel release mechanism
  • Leaves more room between handle and seat when being reclined
  • Parking brake is easier to set
  • The Bassinet now has a more breezy canopy
  • New color options are introduced such as the Black, Tangerine, and Silver

Just to make it clear, the 2010 and 2011 are the same features-wise. The only difference is the new color options for the fabric that the UPPAbaby released.

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UPPAbaby Vista Technical Specifications

  • Suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs.
  • Weight of Frame and Seat is 25.5 pounds.
  • Weight of Frame Only is 19 pounds.
  • Weight of Seat Only is 6.5 pounds.
  • Unfolded stroller dimension is 25 x 41 – 42.5 x 38 inches.
  • Folded stroller dimension is 25 x 32 x 14 – 15 inches.


Aluminum Frame

The UPPAbaby Vista is welded and formed using aircraft aluminum alloy frame. This makes it sturdy but quite hefty. The dimensions above will clearly tell you that it is not compact and portable. But it is heavy duty enough to support 1 to 3 kids, and goods underneath it.


Configurations and Attachments

The UPPababy Vista can truly grow with your family and adapt with your lifestyle. From birth, you can make use of the bassinet and infant car seats. Then the baby can use the seat. Another sibling can join the comfortable ride using the RumbleSeat which has a capacity of 35 pounds. Also, a sibling board or the PiggyRide can be attached at the rear axle to accommodate another child of up to 50 pounds.

Check out all the configurations that you can do with the UPPAbaby Vista and all its attachments.

Multi-Position Reclining Seat

UPPAbaby Vista 2012 Multiposition Reclining SeatSince 2009, the UPPAbaby Vista has a multi-position seat that can recline in 3 ways in 30-45-60 degrees. The 2010 and 2011 versions were upgraded with another position of 15 degrees which was nearly flat. Now, the 2012 Vista has a 5th recline position where it can lay very flat. This turns the stroller like a bassinet for the toddler or a comfortable and cleaner area to change diapers. The seat takes up 0-12-24-36-48 degrees of different recline positions. But because of this adjustment, the seat is lower compared to old versions to prevent the seat to hit the handlebar. This is a bit of a sacrifice since the stroller seat’s main feature is high up compared to other strollers. The seat can be reclined using one hand. The lever is located behind the canopy or the topmost area behind the seat.

The seat has also increased in padding as compared to the 2010 version. This adds to the child’s comfort and back support. The seat is wide enough for big toddlers having 12 inches in width. This makes the stroller be on the wider side as compared to other standard strollers. Some parents actually think it is too wide. But the Vista will not be easily outgrown. The new version also has increased in its seat height to 22.5 inches when the canopy is adjusted.

The seat is also reversible. This enables you to face your kid either to the world or to you and make more bonding moments. The seat is so easy and light to carry. Simply push the release buttons on the side of the seat, lift it using the bumper bar, reverse it, and insert on the frame back again.

To accommodate smaller babies, an Infant Snug Seat can be purchased which is normally $34.99 and inserted on the seat to make a snug fit and add more back support.


Adjustable Foot Rest

The UPPAbaby Vista always has the adjustable foot rest. It is 10 inches in length and could very well accommodate a tall toddler. To make the necessary adjustment, push the buttons on both sides of the foot rest and rotate it to one of the five positions it has.


Removable Bumper Bar Cover

The bumper bar or front bar that supports active toddlers has a foam inside and a nylon cover. This cover is removable and is machine washable. A zipper located on the back to remove the cover. This is great for removing spills and stains on it. Also the bumper bar can be swung in one side where putting the toddler in the seat makes it easier. Or simply remove the entire bumper bar and replace it with a child tray. The bumper bar is free and included when you purchase the UPPAbaby Vista but not the child tray.


Five-Point Seat Harness

Added to the safety of the UPPAbaby Vista 2012, the stroller is equipped with a five-point harness. It is easy to buckle and unbuckle. Mind you not to let your smart toddler observe how you do it for they may easily unbuckle it. They are padded by micro suede material for added comfort and protect the baby from the harness’ hardware.

It is also adjustable but it is manually done unlike other high-end strollers. You have to remove the pads first, detach the silver clip, thread through the desired slot closest to the child’s shoulder, and reattach the clip and pads.


Adjustable Canopy Height

The new UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is equipped with an adjustable canopy. The height of the canopy can be altered to accommodate taller toddlers. This is a great addition, because the canopy looks useless when it is too high up for a small baby and the stroller seems to be totally unusable if a kid outgrows it easily, right? The canopy simply slides up and down for about 2 inches and extends the length of the seat.

The new Vista’s canopy has that same huge peek-a-boo window that parents love.  It is made of mesh that lets air flow better. The upgrade here is the magnetic enclosure of the flap. It opens the ventilation quietly compared to the Velcro.

For full coverage, the UPPAbaby Vista’s canopy has an extendable sunshade. It gives protection for your baby’s skin with SPF 50+.


Front and Rear Wheel Shock Absorption

The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 version has a better shock absorption of the front wheel. Before, they really don’t have which a lot of parents complain on about rattling whenever they stroll on uneven surface. The rear wheels have good suspension as always, so let’s leave it at that.

The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter while the rear is about 11 inches. They are made with EVA foam material coated with rubber and aluminum spoke. UPPAbaby applied the latest high performance athletic shoe technology where the wheels are able to maintain their form on rough terrain without going flat. This also means that you will never have to bring a pump wherever you will go.

The front wheels also swivel and can be locked so they can glide in one direction. All you have to do is push the small button on top of the wheel and pull it up again for it to swivel back.

The combination between the tires, wheels, and suspension makes the new UPPAbaby Vista rolls smoothly, even on rough surfaces.

In addition to these wheel features, the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 has better quick release mechanism for wheel replacement, maintenance, assembly, or simply to make folding the stroller more compact.


Easy Brake System

The brake for the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is easy to activate. Simply step on the pedal located on the right rear wheel to put the stroller in parking mode and step it again to make it move again. It is still advisable to not leave the stroller unattended when children are in even if it is on brake.


Easy One-Step Fold

The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 Stroller claims to be another stroller that can easily be folded one-handed. Honestly, it’s easier to fold this stroller with two hands. There is a simultaneous system to be done using both hands to fold it.

The Vista can be folded with or without the seat. Some mother’s find it harder to fold the entire stroller with the seat. To fold the stroller, activate the brake, place the handle bar on the lowest position, push and hold back the plastic tab on the left side of the handle bar with your left thumb and squeeze the handle height adjustment with your right hand, then push the handle bar, you will hear the pop or see the line indicator on the right side of the handle, and then push it down. After collapsing, the stroller will automatically lock. The stroller can remain standing. Adjust the footrest in any way, take off the wheels or take off the seat to make a compact fold.


One-Button Handle-Height Adjustment

The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 also has an adjustable handle height, one of the best features parents love about it. This will make strolling comfortable with parents who have different heights or taller for standard handle heights.

The handle bar is 4 inches in length which gives more room to allow the seat to be reclined. The handle height has 3 height adjustments which range from 41 to 42.5 inches. To adjust, simply push the button on the center of the handle bar then slide the handle up or down.

The center of the handle also has bumper rubbers. This is new with the 2012 Vista. Its main purpose is to protect the handle when the stroller is in standing position when folded.


Large Easy to Access Basket

In comparison to the Stokke Xplory, the UPPAbaby Vista has a huge underneath storage basket while the former only has a bag. City dwellers love this about the Vista because they usually walk to run some errands and end up putting their goods in it rather than carrying everything while pushing the stroller. About 4 or more grocery bags can fit on it or 2 huge diaper bags and mommy’s purse. And since the seat is so high up, accessing it is a breeze.

The large basket also becomes feet support when a RumbleSeat or secondary seat is inserted on the Vista. This makes the older and taller sibling comfortable.


Floating Arch Rear Axle

To make sure that the UPPAbaby Vista can support much weight and maintain a sturdy frame, the rear axle holding the wheels cannot be rid of. Most strollers have this straight, while others ingeniously designed an arch rear axle. The Vista also has that arch rear axle which looks like it is floating inside the storage basket. The rear axle is on an arch to prevent the parents from ever hitting the stroller during long strides. And it is located inside the basket so that the storage area is not compromised. Hitting two birds with one stone for the Vista!


Included Bassinet

Dimensions of the UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet

  • Suitable from birth to 6 months
  • Weight is 8.5 pounds.
  • Unfolded Dimensions with canopy up is 13 x 24 29 inches.
  • Folded bassinet is 5 inches high and 7 inches with the canopy.
  • Actual unfolded Bassinet is 9 inches high.
  • Exposed area of bassinet to canopy is 16.5 inches.

Included in the purchase of the Vista is the UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet. This is great for infants and makes the stroller truly grow with your family. Simply remove the seat and place the bassinet rear facing and it will look and function as a pram. The length of the bassinet will not let you put the seat or a secondary seat and the bassinet at the same time.

The bassinet has its own fabric apart from the seat’s so they are easily interchangeable. The liner of the bassinet is made from cotton and soybean fiber making it eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The antimicrobial and hypoallergenic mattress is made of organic latex that can be zipped off and removed for washing.

For the 2012 edition, the canopy of the bassinet can be opened up to expose huge mesh ventilation for air flow for balancing baby’s temperature inside it. Simply unzip the back of the canopy to expose the vent. The canopy also has a huge pop-out sunshade to fully protect your baby no matter what direction the sun will hit him. Also, the mattress can be aerated using the flap underneath the bassinet. It is enclosed by a Velcro.

The Vista Bassinet also comes with a boot for covering the baby, mosquito net, and a separate travel bag. The travel bag is made up of 85% of recyclable materials and will keep the bassinet clean for the next baby use.

Some parents think that having the bassinet is too much, but is you like to travel or you haven’t bought a crib for the baby, the bassinet can be the actual bassinet for the baby at home or during travel. This cuts down the number of items in the house. And to make use of it more, UPPAbaby designed more accessories for it such as a Bassinet Stand so that you can leave the stroller frame in the car or store it elsewhere and Hamper Inserts for the Bassinet Stand if you wish to make use of it when the baby outgrows the bassinet. These items however are sold separately at $129.99 and $37.99 respectively.


Attachment Indicators

Another safety feature that the UPPAbaby included in the Vista is the Red/Green Attachment Indicators. This will tell you when you attach either the bassinet or the seat incorrectly onto the stroller frame. The Red will indicate that it is wrong and Green will tell you that it is good to go and your baby is safe to ride it. You can also here the “click” sound indicating that the attachment is secured in place.


UPPAbaby Vista Available Colors

For 2012, UPPAbaby released new colors for the Vista stroller. They are the Jake which is pure black, Drew which is the tangerine with black frame, Mica which is the stunning silver with black frame, and the updated 2012 version of Carlin which is the subtle green.

Other colors are still available such as the Lindsay in wheat, Cole in slate or blue, Denny in red, and Olivia in fuchsia.

The UPPAbaby Vista fabrics are made of 1680 Polyester and 600D Nylon. They are easily removable, machine washable and can be interchanged. But never use drier on them.


Infant Car Seat Compatible

The UPPAbaby Vista can turn into a travel system as easy as attaching a bassinet or seat as desired. It is compatible with the following infant car seats.

  • Graco (SnugRide, SafeSeat, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 32 and SnugRide 35)
  • Peg Perego (Primo Viaggio and Primo Viaggio SIP)
  • Chicco (Keyfit and Keyfit 30)
  • Maxi-Cosi (Mico, Maxi-Cosi Citi, Maxi-Cosi Cabrio and Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix)

Adapters are sold separately though to make this work.



Included Rain and Bug Shield

The UPPAbaby Vista includes Rain and Bug Shield accessories upon purchasing the stroller. They can be conveniently installed using zippers on the canopy.


UPPAbaby Vista Accessories

  • Cup Holder, $24.99
  • Parent Organizer, $24.99
  • Snack Tray, $34.99
  • Stroller Blankie, $34.99
  • Seat Liner, $29.99
  • Baby Ganoosh FootMuff in Denny, Carlin, Mica, Luke, $79.99
  • Infant Car Seat Adapters (Maxi Cosi, $29.99; Chicco Adapter, $39.99)
  • Infant Snug Seat, $34.99
  • Hamper Insert, $37.99
  • Bassinet Stand, $129.99
  • Universal Infant Car Seat and Bassinet Rainshield, $19.99
  • Travel Bag, $99.99
  • RumbleSeat, $99.99
  • PiggyBack, $89.99

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Pros and Cons


  • no through-axle for long strides
  • easy to assemble
  • easy to steer even using one hand
  • seat is reversible
  • seat is high up
  • huge and comfortable bassinet
  • removable belly bar for a snack tray
  • huge storage basket
  • can be folded even if the seat is in place
  • Bug and Rain sh7.99ields are included
  • Car seat compatible for different brands


  • Most upright position is about 45-degree angle
  • A bit wider than other standard strollers
  • Very bulky
  • Not portable
  • Folding can be a bit hard
  • Expensive accessories


Consumer Ratings

Since 2008, the UPPAbaby Vista has been rated 4.4 and 66% says it is a 5 over at the Amazon. It is well placed at the Best Sellers list ranking #78 in Standard Stroller Category. The new 2012 Vista has been rated 4.6 and 60% found it a 5.


UPPAbaby Vista 2012 Stroller’s Price

The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is priced at $699.99. Click the Order button below to check of there are on sale, but as I make this post, there is none. It may be expensive as a stroller as compared to other double stroller, standard stroller, and combo strollers since a lot of accessories are sold separately. But the Vista’s astounding durable built, smooth maneuverability, different configurations, and able to let 3 kids ride and withstand their weight is enough to pay more than $500.


Overall Impression on the UPPAbaby Vista

For a high-end stroller, the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is great for walking outdoors because it is durable and glides smoothly on uneven terrain. Even though it is expensive for a standard stroller, the bassinet can be maximized to save on purchasing additional bassinet at home. The seats and additional attachments are great for growing families. The only thing that may hinder anyone on buying the Vista is that its bulk is not great for places that are space challenged and small car trunks.

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