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Summer Baby Outfits: How to Dress a Baby on Warm Weather

May 10, 2013

During the warm weather, the best summer baby outfits are those that are made of natural or organic materials such as cotton. Avoid synthetic materials because they do not absorb sweat like the former. Also, natural materials give of cool and aerated feel on babies’ skin.

A good rule to remember whether it is on a warm or cold weather is that to dress babies the way you dress. If you think that wearing shorts and sleeveless are just right for you, then do the same with your babies.

Babies have higher temperatures and they sweat more than adults, so you need to be vigilant on the room temperature. You can verify a room temperature using tools like phone apps or baby monitors so you can dress them appropriately.

The video below shows some good tips on how to dress a summer baby.


Check out another video on how to put an infant bodysuit properly here.

Images and videos courtsey of YouTube/eHowFamily

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