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Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottle Review

August 19, 2012

Consumer Rating:

Since 1984, a lot of families have been benefiting from the Philips Avent Classic Polypropylene Bottles. Through the years, they have been perfected and improved to be anti-colic, BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe, compatible with other Avent products, use Silicone nipples, and have been made to be used by an infant to bigger kids using 4 ounces, 9 ounces, and 11 ounces. This year, Philips Avent made a huge leap into designing a new bottle in polypropylene and glass variants. This is the Philips Avent Natural collection. It includes all the features mentioned above but with a few more improvements that the new design is made for. Let’s go through them one at a time.

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Natural Latch-On

The new Philips Avent Natural Bottles are wider than the Classic line where it mimics the shape of the breast. This gives a great natural latch-on for the baby and gets all the milk properly. Consumers have found that with this new feature, it is easy for the baby to shift from breast feeding to bottle feeding or combine both.

Breast feeding is still recommended and great even up to two years, if possible, this is encouraged so. But a lot of circumstances make mothers opt for bottle feeding such as needing to work. A working mom is forced to breast pump and transfer the milk on a bottle. Some mothers also are forced to stop breast feeding when they have another baby on the way. This is to prevent any miscarriage. So the new Philips Avent Natural Bottles can help with the transition.


Unique Comfort Petals

The nipples of the new Philips Avent Natural Bottles are also different from the Classic line, far different in terms of design. They have unique petal-like shaped contours inside the nipples. This comfort petals increase in the softness and flexibility of the Silicone and will prevent it from collapsing that the Classic line usually has. Also, they add shape to mimic the real areola so that the baby will not see much difference and aid in the transition of breast feeding to bottle feeding.


Advanced Anti-Colic System

The new Philips Avent Natural Bottles like the Classic ones are anti-colic. They have the innovative twin valve design that vents the air into the bottle and not rebound on baby’s tummy. This will reduce colic and discomfort. This will also save you money from getting anti-colic creams.


Ergonomic Shape

The Classic Philips Avent Bottles were plain fat for babies’ hands. Personally it wasn’t appealing for me that I encouraged my son to just use the thin ones. But the new Philips Avent Natural Bottles have sexy shape that is way better for easy grip and hold even for babies.


Compatible with Other Avent Natural Products

Do not be confused, the Philips Avent Natural Bottles are compatible with other Natural product range. They are not compatible with the Classic lines because they differ both in size and the designs are really different. Some tried fitting the Classic on the Natural, it can be done but it may just result in undesirable results.


BPA Free

Bisphenol A or BPA is a certain chemical used for manufacturing certain plastic or resin since the 60’s. Although the American Chemistry Council says that BPA has no health risks, the National Toxicology Program at the Department of Health and Human Services says it does have some concerns on possible health effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. So to make everything very safe and not risk whatever any organization may say Philips Avent made sure that they only use BPA free material which is polypropylene.


Easy Cleaning and Assembly

Because of the new wide bottle neck design of the Philips Avent Natural Bottles, it makes it easy to clean it. Also it only has a few parts: the cap, the ring, nipple, and body. They are so easy to assemble and disassemble.


Available Sizes

The new Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottles come in two sizes: the 4oz or 125ml with Newborn Flow Nipple and 9oz or 260ml with Slow Flow Nipple. The Glass variant on the other hand comes in 4oz and 8oz sizes. They are all available in single or multiple packs.


Pros and Cons


  • Nipple is wider and shapes like the real thing, easy for switching from breast feeding to bottle feeding
  • Nipple shapes prevents from collapsing
  • Nipples are softer and more realistic
  • More ergonomic design and has better fit on the baby’s hand
  • Less likely to have leaks compared to the old bottle
  • Prevents Colic and fusses like before
  • Has Glass variant
  • Made in UK


  • Because of the larger size, it is not totally compatible with Avent’s product line
  • Needs bigger space on diaper bags
  • The Lid is very hard to remove, maybe at first
  • A little bit more pricey than other bottles
  • No available Variable Flow Nipples yet
  • Grayish color as compared to the Gold from the Classic


Consumer Ratings

The Philips Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottles are rated as 4.3 by consumers over at and about 58% think that they deserve a rating of 5. They are also listed amongst the Best Sellers ranking #31 in Bottles Category.


Philips Avent Natural Bottles Prices

The following are the retail prices for Avent Natural Polypropylene Bottles:

  • 1pc 9oz with Slow Flow nipple – $8.99
  • 2pcs 9oz with Slow Flow nipple – $16.99
  • 3pc 9oz with Slow Flow nipple – $21.99
  • 1pc 4oz with Newborn Flow nipple – $8.99
  • 2pcs 4oz with Newborn Flow nipple – $16.99
  • 3pcs 4oz with Newborn Flow nipple – $21.99
  • 3pcs 9oz Philips Avent Natural Boy – $36
  • 3pcs 4oz Philips Avent Natural Boy – $39.96
  • 3pcs 9oz Philips Avent Natural Girl – $39.96
  • 3pcs 4oz Philips Avent Natural Girl – $39.96
  • Philips Avent Natural Exclusive Starter Set – $84.95

The following are the retail prices for Avent Natural Glass Bottles:

  • 1pc 8oz Natural Glass Bottle – $9.99
  • 1pc 4oz Natural Glass Bottle – $9.99
  • 2pcs 8oz Natural Glass Bottles – $19.99
  • 2pcs 4oz Natural Glass Bottles – $19.99

Click the Order button below and get great deals of Philips Avent Natural Bottles over at Do note that that Avent Classic Bottles are still available. We recommend for you to choose only one type because their rings and nipples do not interchange, if you try to, it may be a pain.

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