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BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit Review

August 14, 2012

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With so many brands and types of strollers to choose from, there is one feature that always comes to consideration before purchasing – caring and maintaining it. Is the fabric machine washable, can the stroller frame easily rust, what cleaners can be applied to it?

Not only maintaining a stroller as the baby grows from infant to his toddler years, a stroller can also be passed down to new generations. Either go sell it or let the next baby use it. So us parents must rethink on how to bring back the luster the stroller once possess and make it look good as new.

Using household cleaners are usually a simple fix, but honestly they can worn out the stroller’s materials and maybe harmful for the baby’s skin. We found BuggLove, a company who offers an alternative for these commercial cleaners. They made the BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit, a boxful of organic cleaning products and tools for the stroller, and the best cleaning kit so far.

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100% Organic and Eco-Friendly

BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit is not like other “Natural” products that claim to be “Organic”. They are not the same in that sense. Some natural cleaners are said to have natural ingredients, but these are just legally accepted as organic or natural. BuggyLove do not have these ingredients. They use only the best the world can offer. They do not use cheap chemicals for substituting ingredients to lower manufacturing costs. Each product of the BuggyLove has great stain removal and still smells fresh and good.



One of the greatest things about the BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit is that it is used as is. This means you no longer need a bucket full of water, a hose, cleaning rags, not even your washing machine. Simply take the products out, use the brush or the microfiber and clean the stroller wherever and whenever you can.


BuggLove Stroller Cleaning Kit

The BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit is beautifully packaged. It simply shows that BuggyLove put a lot of thought and love that your family and stroller deserves. When you purchase the BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit, you will get the FreshLove, PureLove, FabricLove, WheelLove, ScrubLove, MicroLove, and Bag O’Love.


BuggyLove FreshLove

Described as bye bye icky, yummy smells, the 8 oz Freshlove bottle is made to give a fresh scent on the stroller and neutralize unpleasant scents. It is citrusy and rosy that is good for everybody’s nose and rids the smell coming from spit, food, and other foul smell that the stroller encounters. The difference of this product and other fabric sprays is that it is organic and very much safe to apply on the fabric. The Freshlove can be used on strollers, car seats, changing tables, play areas, bathrooms or anywhere you like.

You can also purchase this on its own for $9.99 in case you ran out of it because you have been using it in your entire home.


BuggyLove PureLove

Described as bye bye dirt, doo doo and dust, the 8 oz Purelove also known as the Polishlove is made to be the ultimate cleaner for the stroller’s chassis and wheels. It is a spray with a tangerine smell that can easily wipe out the caked milk, marks, and stains that you did not know where it originated. It even brings back the shine and luster of the frame and hardware. Again, it’s organic and can be used as often as needed. It is even safe to use on toys, strollers, and high chairs.

You can also purchase this separately for $7.99.


BuggyLove FabricLove

Described as bye bye spit ups, spills and stains, the 4 oz Fabriclove is made to get rid of those stubborn stains on the strollers’ fabric that washing won’t handle. Those stains include formula, milk, sunscreen, and other fabric stains. The Fabriclove is highly concentrated so that a little can go a long way, and still safe to use on almost all fabric types. It has a Clementine scent that will please your noses. It can be used on strollers, car seats, high chairs, and even your favorite chair or shirt.

You can also purchase the Fabriclove separately for $9.99.


BuggyLove WheelLove

The 1.5 oz Wheellove is made to eliminate all the squeaks and squeals from the stroller wheels. It is actually the first of its kind to be a 100% natural wheel lube.

You can purchase it separately for $10.99.


BuggyLove Included Accessories

These accessories come inside the BuggLove Stroller Cleaning Kit when your purchase it.

  • The ScrubLove is a wheel brush with white Tampico bristles that will aid you in getting the inner wheel dirt and scrub away the grime.
  • The MicroLove is actually a reclaimed microfiber cloth for polishing the frame and aiding you to help with removing the stains
  • The Bag O’Love is re-usable, cotton, drawstring that you can use to store or bring your cleaning kit anywhere.


Other Uses for BuggyLove Cleaning Kit

The BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit not only can be used for the stroller, but the products work well with cribs or play pens, car seats, high chairs, changing tables, toys, even any of your own things like shirts and anything around the house.


Brands That Love BuggyLove

These are some Stroller Brands that recommends using the BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit and have tested themselves of its affectivity.

  • Bumbleride
  • UPPAbaby


Pros and Cons


  • Eco-friendly and 100% Organic
  • No added harmful materials
  • Cleans and really works well
  • No need to wash
  • Smell great and scents are mild
  • Safe on other baby products


  • Can be pricey if it always ran out


Consumer Ratings

So far, the BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit has been awarded a 5 due to its very effective cleaning and stain removal capabilities, sweet and mild scents, and is 100% green and safe.


BuggyLove’s Price

The BuggyLove Stroller Cleaning Kit is regularly priced at $49.99. During this post is made, it is on sale on the for only $39. Click the Order Button below to check the current deals for the BuggyLove products.

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