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Comparing City Mini, City Mini Gt and City Elite

July 19, 2012

City Mini vs City Min GT vs City Elite

Product City Mini 2012 City Mini GT City Elite
Capacity 50 lbs 65 lbs 75 lbs
Unfolded Dimensions 41.5 x 39.5 x 24 in 30-43.5 x 44 x 24.5 in 33-46 x 47 x 26.5 in
Folded Dimensions 31 x 9.75 x 24 in 31.5 x 9.75 x 24.5 in 33.5 x 14 x 26.5 in
Seat Back 19.5 in 21 in 20 in
Head Height 23 in 26 in 26 in
Shoulder Width 12.5 in 13 in 13 in
Seat to Knee 10 in 10 in 9.5 in
Knee to Footplate 9 in 10 in 9.5 in
Width at Knee 14 in 14 in 13.75 in
Product Weight 16.8 lbs 20.9 lbs 26 lbs
Fabric Options Gray/Black, Crimson, Blue, Sand, Green, Purple Shadow/Black, Bamboo, Green, Orange Black, Red, Sand
Patented Quick-Fold Yes Yes Yes
Swivel Front Wheel Yes Yes Yes
Quick-Release Wheels 8-in plastic EVA 8.5-in rubber Forever-Air 12-in rubber Forever-Air
Padded Reclining Seat Yes Yes Yes
Accessory Mounting Bracket Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Position Canopy Yes Yes Yes
Closure for Ventilation flap Velcro Velcro Magnetic
Adjustable Handlebar No Yes Yes
Soft Handlebar Console No No Yes
Front Wheel Suspension Yes Yes Yes
Underseat Storage Yes Yes Yes
Seat Back Storage Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Five-Point Harness Yes Yes Yes
Shoulder Pads and Buckle Cover Yes Yes Yes
Parking Brake Foot Pedal Hand-Operated Hand-Operated
Removable Auto-Lock Yes Yes Yes
Infant Car Seat Optional Optional Optional
Bassinet Optional Optional Optional
Price $249.99 $349.99 $399.99



It is very obvious that the three models differ from their built or the dimensions of their framework. The City Mini is designed for those who prefer most indoor living or walk around the city with smoother surfaces. So it is therefore smaller and more lightweight. The City Elite on the other hand is designed to be an all-terrain stroller where users can use it more in more intense activities together with their children. So it is therefore, heavier, and bigger to withstand the rigorous terrain but still be comfortable and safe for the kids. The City mini GT is designed to be a mixture of both. It is not too light or too heavy, but can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.



Baby Jogger City Mini Single Strollers

City Mini 2012

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Strollers

City Mini GT 2012

Baby Jogger City Elite Strollers

City Elite

Since the City Mini has been around for some time, Baby Jogger released about 6 fabric options for it. They are much livelier and bolder to look at. The City Mini GT has 4 fabric options but they are mainly of Gray or Shadow color with different lighter trimmings. They look quite plain. While the City Elite has only 3 solid-colored fabric options, at least they don’t look too simple.



The three models have superb maneuverability because of their swivel wheels. But because they are designed for specific family lifestyle, each is better than the other. This is because of the size and material used for the wheels. The City Mini’s 8-in plastic EVA wheels are enough for smoother surfaces. The City Mini GT easily glides on rougher terrain, dirt roads, or even grass with the 8.5-in rubber Forever-Air Tires. While the City Elite 12-in rubber Forever-Air Tires moves smoothly in most cracks, bumps, and uneven surfaces.



All Baby Jogger strollers have great padded seats. But for the three, the City Mini has the least amount of padding, followed by the City Mini GT, and then the City Elite. The only reason for this is that since the City Elite is built as an all-terrain stroller, the padding adds comfort for the child while on the move. So for the City Mini GT and City Mini, their seat paddings are enough for the kids’ comfort.

Also, their seat sizes differ. This is because of the capacity that they are designed for. So the bigger the kid is the bigger stroller seat is as well.



The City Mini and City Mini GT have common accessories and can are interchangeable, while the City Elite has its own specific accessories that are purchased separately. Car Seats, Car Seat Adaptors, Rain Canopies, Compact Prams, Bassinets, Belly Bars, Belly Bar Consoles, Child Trays, Glider Boards, and Carry Bags are accessories that can be different for the City Mini, City Mini GT, and City Elite. Prices may differ depending on the model or whether it is for a Single or Double stroller.

The three models, like other Baby Jogger strollers have universal accessories that can be interchanged and are compatible to all. These are the MP3 Console, Plush Stroller Hand Muff, Foot Muff, Parent Console, Liquid Holster, Cooler Bag, and Seat Support.


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