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Create Creamy Sundaes with Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Treat Ice Cream Set

October 27, 2014

The Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Treat Ice Cream Set is another Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe playset from Hasbro. It comes with its own frozen yogurt/sundae machine, press, scooper, extra cones, glasses, bowls, and other Play-Doh tools. It includes 3 cans of Play-Dohs, 2 of which are Play-Doh Plus in white and orange, and the other can […]


Design Beautiful Dresses for Four Disney Princesses

January 16, 2014

Like the previous Play-Doh Design-a-Dress Boutique, little girls can create stunning Ballroom dresses for their favorite Disney Princesses. But instead of only two princesses (Belle and Rapunzel), this play set has four (includes Ariel and Cinderella). Aside from the tools and cutters, this playset has 4 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound that comes in purple, […]


Create Belle and Rapunzel’s Ball Gowns using Play-Doh

November 20, 2013

Like a cake or a cookie, anyone can create and keep recreating wonderful designs that sweets can offer. Great thing about Play-Doh is that you only keep on redecorating without actually gaining all the calories. Well, this time for being a Princess, creating numerous Ball Gowns and Evening Dresses is a dream comes true without […]