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3D Paper Dolls: Disney Princesses MagiClip Dolls

January 28, 2014

Who hasn’t played a paperclip doll when they were little? I did, many times. They were cheap and have loads of accessories. The problems with paper dolls are that they can break once there paperclips start to tear due to too much folding, and the dolls don’t really stand on their own so they playing […]


Disney Pixar Planes Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC

December 17, 2013

Disney Pixar’s Planes Dusty Crophopper Wing Control RC has been picked by 1000 kids as Walmart’s Holidays Top Toys for 2013 for ages 3 to 5 years and included in 2013 Holiday Toy List by Amazon. There are so many RC cars in the market with varying designs and sizes, and a lot of them […]