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Encourage Baby to Crawl with the Minnie Mouse Musical Touch ‘n Crawl

December 3, 2014

The Disney Baby: Minnie Mouse Musical Touch ‘n Crawl from Fisher Price is included in the 2014 Toys R’ Us Hot Toys. It is a toy that encourages babies ages 9 to 36 months to learn how to crawl. Simply press Minnie’s back and it will start crawling, make sounds and phrases like “Follow me!” […]


Let Us Learn How to Excavate with Mickey’s Mouska Dozer

October 27, 2014

Educate your little ones about construction with The Disney’s Mickey’s Mouska Dozer by Fisher-Price. Real construction vehicles can be scary to some preschoolers, my son cried and clinged onto his teacher when he was three at a field trip upon seeing the excavator’s mouth-like front. So the Mickey Mouska Dozer is great for introducing these […]