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Practice Your Archery Skills with Zing Airstorm Fire Tek Bow

November 25, 2014

The Airstorm Fire Tek Bow by Zing is included in 2014 Walmart’s Top 20 Toys Chosen by Kids who are fond of practice shooting or archery. Young kids will definitely be able to practice on their shooting skills with the Airstorm Fire Tek Bow. Its bow can hold spare arrows while still cradling the 3rd […]


Leaping in Joy with LeapTV

November 23, 2014

The huge disadvantage of TVs, PCs, Tablets, Smartwatches, and even Mobile Phones is that only the minds are getting aggressively active. With the new LeapTV from LeapFrog, both minds and bodies are active. That is why it is included in 2014 Walmart’s Top 20 Toys Chosen by Kids, 2014 Holiday Toy List by Target for […]


Gift Ideas: Techless and Timeless Toys

December 13, 2013

When we say “Techless Toys” it means that these toys are constructed simply and usually works mechanically by a user. In simpler terms no batteries, no software or app updates, no Wifi needed, and yet they work as they were intended. Simple toys that leave children up to their imagination and yet develop their minds […]