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Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

August 3, 2012

Consumer Rating:

There are many reasons why Chicco Liteway Stroller has been sitting in the Best Sellers lists of most retailers such as Amazon. It has many features that parents rave about making travelling easy and with style. Such features are compact fold with automatic storage latch and carry handle, high-tech wheels with toe-tapping locks, modernly tailored padded seat that have numerous reclining positions, an adjustable leg support that also has hide-away boot enclosure for infants less than 6 months old, safe and padded five-point harness, and a storage basket that can be converted into a sling tote. All these and more plus the fact that it only cost less than $140.

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Let us take a look of the Liteway’s good and bad points so we can determine whether it will suit your family needs.


Great Built but Lightweight

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is well-built and sturdy that can be used for many years. It is made up of elliptical tubing of aluminum. It can hold babies of up to 40pounds. Together with plush fabrics and a few plastics, it is lightweight. It only weighs about 17 pounds.

Others may find it a bit on the heavy side for an umbrella stroller but the Liteway is packed with features that make it almost like a light standard stroller. Also, the joints that connect the wheels to the frame are made of metal rather than the usual plastic from other strollers. This adds to the weight of the stroller.

The Liteway stroller is found to be easily steered and could fit into narrow spots. It has unfolded dimensions of 34 x 18 x 41 inches. It can definitely move around the busiest places.


Compact 3-D Fold

The Chicco Liteway is very easy to fold. It can even be folded using one hand (though we find it easier to use two hands and maybe a foot) and it will automatically lock in place. To fold the Liteway, release the tension brackets on the side of the canopy to close it. Then pull the hood towards your body. Then simply lift the black lever above the rear wheels using your foot (can also be done by hand) and then push down the lever on the right of the chassis. Push the handles towards the front wheels and the stroller will finally fold.

Once folded, the Chicco Liteway becomes 11 x 11 x 41 inches. It is so compact that it can neatly be stored on a car or even on the airplane. The automatic storage latch prevents it from opening.  The automatic storage latch is not common to all strollers. In fact this is usually found on expensive standard strollers. And for an umbrella stroller to have this means it is way easy to pack up and travel with it. Plus, the Liteway is transported easily with its own carrying handle.

Unfolding the Chicco Liteway stroller is quite easy, but others see it having a learning curve to do so. Simply unlock the storage latch and push apart the stroller to open it. Then pull the parts up like the canopy into place.


Swivel Front Wheels

The front wheels are about 6 inches in diameter as opposed to 7 inches for the rear wheels. Nonetheless they make it easy for the Chicco Liteway Stroller to move with their swivel capability. They can also be locked in place by the tapping the button on top of the wheels for straight driving. The only downside with this locking feature is it can snag your foot or sandal when using flip flops.

The front wheels have quick release capability. This feature makes this inexpensive stroller a breeze to remove the wheels for cleaning and assembly.


Wheel Suspension and Brake

The Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller is said to be the ultimate travelling stroller. Not just because of its compact or portable features, but that it is able to go through cobble stones and a little rough terrain on out of town travels. This is because of the suspension that the wheels have. It cushions the stroller enough for the baby on it to be comfortable and even can sleep during the ride.

The rear wheels are equipped with toe-tap locking brakes. The actual brakes are located at the back axle of the rear wheels. The best thing about the brakes is that they are linked. This enables you to only tap one of them and they will both bring the stroller to a halt. To make the stroller move, simply flick one of the small levers to release the brakes.


Multi-position Reclining Seat

The Chicco Liteway is one of those strollers that can be used to grow with the infants. Some umbrella strollers are only good for bigger babies or toddlers since their seat has only one position. But the Liteway has five different reclining positions. Using the small latch at the back which is very easy to use, the seat tilts easily and quietly that a sleeping baby wouldn’t feel the adjustment. It can be lay flatly for those snoozing babies, diaper changes, or a bassinet for infants.

The attractive seat is padded and very spacious that even toddlers fit on it. The only disadvantage with this is that there is no actual head hugger and the padding on the head can be insufficient for newborns.

The seat unit is very spacious, both my 3 year old and my 1 year old have plenty of room and look comfortable. The Liteway is suitable from birth however there is no head hugger included and the seat is a little firm for a newborn. If Chicco can only add a bit more padding for these areas then the Liteway will be even much comfortable for delicate infants.


Chicco Liteway’s Fabric Options

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is known not only for the lightweight and compact features, but also the comfortable and stylish seats. Different from other Chicco’s patterned fabric designs, the Liteway sports two solid but subtle colors that are pleasing to the eyes. The Liteway comes in 9 different color combinations. They are Topazio, Moss, Coastal, Plum, Juniper, Noce, Orion, Romantic, and Fuego (left to right).

The fabrics are of good quality and come off easily for cleaning. The instruction booklet illustrates how easy it is to remove and snap back in place. The fabric is machine washable so spills and food stains can be removed in less than no time.


Padded five-point harness

Cheap umbrella strollers only have the usual three-point harness, but the Chicco Liteway is equipped with five-point harness. It is even padded that it will never pinch the baby’s skin. Also the snap part is covered to ensure that the body will not unbuckle it.

The Liteway’s five-point harness is also adjustable to fit the baby’s body. The problem with this is that its height can only be adjusted into two positions which is of course a disadvantage for taller toddlers. The only way to add extra protection for the toddler is to add a separate safety harness using the D-rings on the harness strap. This is thought to be enough for smart little Houdini’s.


Adjustable Leg Support

Another difference of the Chicco Liteway Stroller as compared to other umbrella stroller is that its leg support is adjustable. Though the mechanism is not so popular among consumers, the leg support can be adjusted in two positions. One is the usual support for baby’s upright position and another is where the leg support is pushed upwards when the seat is reclined which supports the baby during sleep, diaper changes, or when an infant uses it. To adjust the leg support, push the two buttons on the side of the leg support.

Another problem with this adjustment is that some children tend to play with the buttons making it more frustrating for the parents towards the mechanism. Also, the leg support tends to shoot upwards after the stroller is opened from its folded state.

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Hide-Away Boot

The Chicco Liteway Stroller also has a hide-away boot that encloses the feet of infants and smaller babies. This adds warmth and security for the infant. But this will only fit a baby less than 7 months old. The hide-away boot is attached to the leg support which can also be tucked away under it, so there is no worry on misplacing it.


High Handles

The Chicco Liteway Stroller as a lightweight stroller has the usual umbrella handles. With that being said, this type of handles is not adjustable. But the Liteway’s handles are about 41 inches so they can accommodate both tall and short parent comfortably and fairly without hitting the stroller for long strides or getting back pains.

A safety issue concerning this handle is with regards to putting loads on it such as purse, diaper bags, and other goods. The heavier the load, the more likely the stroller will tip backwards. This is such a hazard. Hopefully, consumers are responsible enough not to overload the handles since they cannot help putting anything on the stroller’s handles because of lack of storage or stroller organizer.


Adjustable Canopy

Most umbrella strollers are made to travel indoors. Those types of strollers have sling seats and cannot accommodate hoods. The Chicco Liteway Stroller is equipped with a fairly-sized canopy which is adjustable as well. It is also can be detached to rotate all the way to the front of the stroller to block direct afternoon sunlight. The canopy can be detached using zippers which can allow more ventilation for air flow during the summer. The only problem is that the baby’s head will be exposed to other elements.

The canopy also has a peek-a-boo window for viewing the child since the seat is facing forward. The problem with this window is that it is not made out of mesh. It is made up of a tinted vinyl which makes it a bit blurry to see the baby. It also does not have a flap to cover it that makes the baby exposed to the sun through it even if it is already tinted.

Some design issue that parents question on about the Chicco Liteway’s canopy is its quality. The zipper’s teeth falls off that keep the canopy attached is cumbersome. Also, the folded canopy warps when exposed to too much heat. This happens when the stroller stays on the car trunk and the stroller is prone to suffocate and could not bear the heat inside.


Convertible Storage Basket to Sling Tote

Most cheap umbrella strollers do not have any storage basket at all. Some offer a mesh-like pouch at the back of their seats. But the Chicco Liteway Stroller has an ingenious storage basket that we’ve ever seen. Now the storage basket is not huge like the standard strollers usually have and it is not accessible when the seat is reclined. But the great thing about this storage basket is that it can be detached and made into a sling tote or backpack. This is great for travels. Consumers can use it as a sling tote or easily place it on the stroller to lighten their load from their backs, literally.



Parent Cup holder

The Chicco Liteway Stroller has a free parent cup holder that can be placed on either side of the handle. It is big enough to hold more than just the standard water bottle. This is a free accessory that comes along with the Liteway which can easily be about $15 – $20 worth for other brands. Consumers have the option to put it on or not.

But this is only the accessory that comes along with the Liteway. Since it is an umbrella stroller that is designed to be lightweight and compact for travelling, it does not include a belly bar, child tray, parent console or organizers. There are universal ones that can be purchased that will fit the Liteway, but it’s all up to the consumers to purchase them separately.


Pros and Cons


  • can fully recline into a flat position
  • easy to fold even one hand can do it
  • easy to assemble
  • compact when folded
  • easy to push
  • Easy to change a diaper on it
  • Its canopy is much bigger than any other umbrella type stroller


  • Tinted peek-a-boo window with no flap to cover it
  • Storage basket is not accessible when seat is fully reclined
  • harness can easily be outgrown by big babies
  • The leg support always flips back to the up position after every folding of the stroller
  • canopy can easily warp with too much heat when it stays too long in the car trunk
  • no child tray or parent console
  • does not always unfold easily with one hand


Consumer Ratings

The Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller is rated as 4.2 by consumers where 49% rated it as 5. It has been in a Best Seller list in Amazon ranking #47 in Lightweight Stroller Category.


Chicco Liteway’s Price

One of the best things that consumers love about the Chicco Liteway is its affordability. For a lightweight stroller that offers more than just an Umbrella Stroller it can compete with a standard stroller. Purchasing the Liteway gives you a break both for your wallet and from all those load for travelling.

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is regularly priced at $139.99. During this post is written, the Liteway is on sale for $129.95 which gives you a 7% savings. Click on the Order button below to get more savings for the Chicco Liteway Stroller.


Overall Impression on the Chicco Liteway

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is designed for those who love to travel. It is also for those who want a second stroller when they do not want their all-terrain and jogging stroller be lugged around especially on airplane travel. It is enough to pack up diapers, milk bottles, clothing, wipes, toys, vitamins, sunscreen, snack and all the knick knacks the baby needs, so a stroller such as the Chicco Liteway is less than something to worry about when going out. It is definitely light and compact.

The Chicco Lightweight Stroller is also for those who love to make leisure walks. It is durable and easy to maneuver even on a little rough terrain and still keep the little ones safe and comfortable.

The Chicco Lightweight Stroller is also for those who are on a budget but would like to have more for their money. This stroller may have a few bad points, but for an umbrella stroller it actually is packed with features that most standard strollers possess. It can be used for infants up to toddler years. It will not require consumers to buy an additional bassinet, maybe a few inserts and accessories but that is up to them.

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