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Qualities of A Good Stroller

July 4, 2012

Not only are different types of strollers that we previously discussed are crucial in allowing you to improve having a baby transport, but each can possess additional features that could add more convenience for you and your baby. These features may seem additional cost or looks excess on the already bulky assembly of a stroller, but believe me when I say that as your baby grows, you have to bring so many things with you and they will add ease for those long hour trips you have.


Better keep an eye on these features when strolling shopping:

Overall Frame Construction

Strollers are made with different types of materials. They can be made out of steel, aluminum, plastic, or combination of any of these materials. The reason for these is that designers target both overall weight and style of the stroller. Those that are made with metallic materials may weigh heavier but they tend to last longer. They are able to hold more loads like baby paraphernalia, and your goods. Also, they can support older and bigger kids. While those made of plastic or lighter materials are built for moving around and fold easily.


Collapses Easily

A good stroller should be able to fold in one push. This gives you the ability to still hold your kid (most cases) on the other hand. With a feature where a single button by the handle or at the bottom for the foot, the collapse mechanism of a stroller is the simplest and quickest. But there are models where it takes a few steps before they fully collapse. So when taking a stroller for a dry run, make sure it is easy for you to fold it.


Portable and Compact

With the exception of most combo strollers and travel system, it is advisable to choose strollers that only take smaller space for storage. This is because some only own small vehicles or small area in the house for strollers. Saving space especially with a baby around is essential to make more room for other things.

Comfortable and Washable Seats

This is the most important feature a good stroller should possess since babies often spend time on them sitting or sleeping for a few hours. Make sure that seats are made of sturdy material that it can actually be washed in a machine. It will not tear easily (for lightweight stroller) especially if older kids will sit on it. Also, make sure that it can easily be removed in the frame for cleaning. My son used to eat on it, there a lot of spillage and food stains. It made me happy when I saw snaps and Velcro are used.


Robust Seat Belts and Harness

The number one safety feature we look at is the seat belt or harness. These differ based on a type of stroller and brand. There are those that actually have the full harness or five-point harness. Kids look like race car drivers with these and are more secure when treading on rough terrain. Some models only offer three-point seat belts. This is typical like the ones you use for high chairs.

What you look on the seat belts or harness is that they are made of durable materials. They should not in any way break but still are comfortable when babies’ wear them. The buckles should be easy to latch and unlatch for you, not for the child. At two, my son learned how to unbuckle seat belts, good thing he doesn’t use strollers anymore.


Reclining Feature

With the exception of car seat frames and lightweight strollers, most strollers have great reclining features. This is because it enables you to use the stroller for a longer period of time. Fully reclining it can be used by newborns, and slightly reclining it is great for babies that are still developing their backs and could not yet sit.


Has Canopy

Most strollers including some models for lightweight strollers have retractable canopies. These are great to protect your kids from sun, wind, and unexpected rain. Some even have a plastic window so you can peek through and see your baby. For Bike Trailers, it’s more than just a canopy; because of its design the bike trailer completely covers a baby.


Cup Holders and Trays

Some strollers have detachable trays with cup holders on the front side. This rests on baby’s lap making the stroller function like a high chair. Also, this tray adds to the safety of the baby like the front bar on some other models.

The cup holder at the back is usually attached on the handle. It also has compartments for parents to store their knick knacks like car keys. This functions as storage for the parents’ drinks. It can also store baby’s stuffs that you do not want the baby to reach.

Baskets and Storage Area

Most strollers even car seat frames, have basket-like storage area at the bottom of the stroller. Some strollers like the lightweight have storage areas located behind them. These storage areas are great for placing baby’s bottles, diapers, and the works or even the goods you bought. This is better than adding weight on your bags.


Adjustable Handles

When parents have difference in height or built, adjustable handles come in handy. This feature caters for parents who are tall and would like the stroller’s handle to get adjusted. This adds comfort in pushing the stroller.


Decent Wheels

The main reason anyone purchases a stroller is to be able to have a baby transport on wheels. Wheel performance provides better movement on curbs and inclines. These also have to be air-filled which provides babies’ comfortable ride. They should also be able to swivel evenly so you can maneuver the stroller anywhere you want it to go.


Sound Suspension

Like any car, it is also important that strollers have good suspension. Even if they are not used for jogging or bikes, strollers must be able to eliminate shaky movements. A good stroller can move smoothly even on rough terrain.


Braking and Parking

Strollers often stop when you stop pushing them. This is a sign that it has good break system. Some have rear brakes that you will be able to operate using your foot. But if you will be on an incline or unleveled path, a stroller should have locked wheels. This will prevent the stroller from further moving. The locks are usually on top of the wheels. Simply lift them up when you have to move the stroller again.


Has Footrest

AS kids grow older, they will want to be comfortably seated without their feet dangling all the time. Strollers have footrest made of plastic or metal bar. This will also prevent kids from getting any foot injuries from getting caught on the front wheel or touching the ground while moving.


Other Accessories

Other accessories that are not included in your stroller purchase can still be purchased later on. They probably are not covered with the package. But check back in this site and you will find tons of possible add-ons that you might be need such as mosquito nets, rain coats, versatile cup holders, or even for additional storage. This is great when you are on the budget. It will give you more freedom to choose the best stroller without compromising on the costs. Just make sure that strollers have a few spaces to accommodate such extended features.


So in choosing a baby stroller, keep in mind that it will not hurt to look at all the features a stroller could have. These features that we discussed are essential in maximizing the full use of a stroller and will definitely make your investment worthwhile.

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