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Graco UrbanLite Stroller Review

July 21, 2012

Consumer Rating:

The Graco UrbanLite Stroller is a lightweight or umbrella stroller than can easily be mistaken as a Standard full-sized stroller. Also, it is compatible with Graco’s top rated Infant car seats making it a travel system. This well-designed simple stroller is packed with reasonable features that can only be seen on most expensive brands or sold separately. To top it all, Graco not only made it super functional and compact, but it made it look sophisticated as well.

Let’s take a look on all the highs and a few lows of the Graco UrbanLite Stroller.

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Technical Specification for Graco UrbanLite

Capacity: 50 lbs

Weight: 19.73 lbs

Overall Height: 40″

Handle Width: 15.75″

Length (wheels front to back): 28″

Width (wheels left to right): 19″


Multi-Position Reclining Seat

Most umbrella strollers are built for bigger babies or those who are able to sit upright. Umbrella strollers usually have only one type of sitting position. But the Graco UrbanLite Stroller has a padded reclining seat that functions almost like any standard stroller but maintains its lightweight design. It will enable the parents to use it since the baby is born until he outgrows it. The horizontal setting or the nearly flat recline plus the pushing the footrest upward creates a bassinet-like structure so an infant can stay safe and comfortable on it. The other reclining positions like the almost upright setting will let a baby over six months enjoy the view of the world or eat snacks on the tray.


180° Rotating Canopy

The Graco UrbanLite is one of those lightweight strollers that have a huge Canopy. The best thing about this canopy is that it can rotate 180 degrees so that parents can give shade to the baby in any direction. Also, there are viewing panels on the side which are covered with mesh. Parents can view their baby through them. Although they don’t have flaps to cover them like usual peek-a-boo windows, the rotating feature can compensate with this inefficiency.

The only downside to this canopy is that it has difficulty in covering the baby when the seat is fully reclined and the Canopy is pushed forward. Graco could’ve thought of putting an extended fabric like the one they installed at the seat when it is reclined for full coverage.


Convertible 3 or 5-point Harness

Most strollers nowadays are equipped with five-point harnesses which are of course one of the safest things ever made. But somehow this is inappropriate especially for infants or smaller babies. The straps tend to rub on their cheeks or head. Graco UrbanLite Stroller has a convertible harness from 3 to 5-points. This way the stroller can truly grow with your kid. From the more comfortable but still secure for infants to the more active and still securely strapped toddlers. The harness complies with the industry standards are not hard to adjust.


One-Hand, Standing Fold

The Graco UrbanLite can be folded using only one hand with no bending required. It has a release button and lever built on the parent tray which triggers the stroller to collapse. Simply place your right hand on the parent tray handle, your thumb can press the button, and your other fingers can pull the lever beneath it. Then the front wheels will retract on their own and the basket will fold itself to make a standing position. The wheels and the basket will support the stroller.

A storage latch secures it so it will not unfold when hauling it for storage or placing it in the car trunk. The folded stroller takes up less space standing or in storage. It can remain in standing position and makes it easy to lug around for those who are commuting.


Single Front Swivel Wheels

The Graco UrbanLite Stroller can maneuver well. This is because of the front wheels ability to swivel. They allow you to turn neatly on corners and navigate through the busy and populated malls or narrow indoor places.

For safety, the front wheels can be locked so they can go in one straight direction. There is a gray button on top of the front wheels which you can push upwards to lock them in place. To get them to swivel again, push the gray button downwards to release them.

Even though the UrbanLite’s wheels are made from the usual plastic, they are still good on treading on a little rough urban surface. It will still give comfort to the baby.


Height-Adjustable Handle

As an umbrella stroller, anyone will be surprised as to seeing the Graco UrbanLite having an adjustable handlebar. Most lightweight strollers have two curved separate handles (like an umbrella). This brings delight to parents of different heights and placates the moving process. No more stooping low and back pains. Parents can even move the stroller using only one hand with ease.

To adjust the handlebar, there is a rotary knob on the side of the handlebar that has numerous settings. Unlock it first before turning. This will move the handle bar up or downwards. The handle is padded to add better grip and comfort.


Extra-large Storage Basket

One of the best features of the Graco UrbanLite Stroller is that it is massive storage basket. It can store not only the travel essentials but it can hold so much more. A diaper bag, a mother’s purse, and even more knick knacks underneath the seat can be stored in it. Or maybe grocery items maybe.

Also, the basket is cleverly designed for two reasons. One is that the u-shape or curve side of the basket helps with the standing position of the stroller when folded. Also, it gives access of parents to get to the basket when the seat is fully reclined. Another reason for the huge basket is that when it holds any goods or baby things, it will help the stroller to be balanced. It will make guarantee that it will not tip over and keep the baby safe.

The only issue that parents see in this huge storage basket of the UrbanLite is that it is still hard to retrieve things when the seat is fully reclined. The small u-shape of the basket is quite small but enough to let hands through it.


Child’s Tray with Cup Holder

The snack tray mentioned above pivots to the side so getting the baby in and out of the Graco UrbanLite Stroller is easy. It is a great play tray and with cup holders for feeding the baby. Also, it functions like a front bar or belly bar to hold the baby in place. What’s great is this comes with the cheap purchase of the UrbanLite unlike others that are sold separately.


Parent’s Tray with 2 Cup Holders

Another quirk this UrbanLite has is the 2 deep cup holders that parent tray have. This is also free and is already built-in with the stroller. Graco thought that this will add convenience for parents who are on the go.

The complaints we heard about it is that liquids get splashed all around the parent tray when moving in a faster pace. Also, even if there are two cup holders, there is no more room for parent’s console. Keys barely fit on the slot between them. This is because of the button and lever located on the parent tray. We think that the cup holders compensate for the lack of room for console. Also, since it is built-in, parents cannot change it with other parent consoles out in the market.


Fabric Options

The Graco UrbanLite Stroller comes in 5 different fabric options. They all have their distinctive colors and patterns which sets them apart from other stroller brands. They are the Rittenhouse, Zoey, Lily, Clairmont, and Sable (from left to right). Currently, only the Rittenhouse, Zoey, and Lily are available in Amazon with great deals. Among them, the Rittenhouse is by far the prettiest because of the Paisley patterns and still not confined on the female gender. So anyone can use it for the second child and not worry about the baby’s gender.

Each design has a coordinating basket, canopy, and seat. Also, these designs are also available in Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, Graco Silhouette Playard with Bassinet and Changer, and Graco Contempo High Chair to match with the stroller.

While the UrbanLite do not have bright colors, the different patterns for the fabric reflect Graco’s ability to add aesthetics with their smartly designed product functionalities.


Accessories for the UrbanLite Stroller

Get Savings on Accessories

The UrbanLite stroller is compatible with any Graco infant car seat to create your own travel system. This gives you a free reign to choose the car seat you want or simply use the one you already have as long as it is under Graco. To match the design, it is recommended to get the Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat. It will easily snap in place with the UrbanLite and held by the plastic elastic straps near the canopy.

The UrbanLite also has other accessories to choose from. They are the Sashas Rain and Wind Cover and Sashas Sun, Wind and Insect Cover. They are also compatible with the Graco MetroLite, LiteRider, Alano, Quattro Tour, and Vie4 Single Stroller models. You can get them via Amazon on the olive green button.


Care and Maintenance for the UrbanLite

As a mother, it’s always a requisite to know if a product is easy to clean and maintain. And fortunately, the Graco UrbanLinte is all that. The seat cushions are machine washable on n cold water on delicate cycle and then it can line dry. No dryers to prevent fabric and stitching from tearing, and the pads will stay intact.

Also the stroller frame is easy to clean. Using any household soap and warm water, the grime and outdoor debris will come off effortlessly. No bleaches though because it may affect the metal of the chassis.

For the wheels, it is also alright to put some light oil to get rid of squeaking. This will prolong the wheels’ life and prevent damage on it.


Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Has extra storage
  • Can recline almost flat
  • Footrest can be adjusted
  • Easy to push and steer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Movable canopy
  • Great fabric patterns/designs
  • cheap


  • no cover when canopy is fully in the forward position
  • wheels are plastic
  • small area for cup holders
  • basket is not accessible when seat is fully reclined
  • there are times that the brakes aren’t locked even after pressing the pedal
  • seat is hard to remove for washing


Consumer Ratings

Consumers have rated the Graco UrbanLite Stroller as 4.6 where 75% are satisfied and says it’s a 5. And the Graco UrbanLite Stroller in Zoey pattern has been a Best Seller and ranked as #38 in the Lightweight Strollers category.


Graco UrbanLite’s Price

Graco UrbanLite is regularly sold for $159.99. Amazon has different savings for it depending on the fabric or collection. The Rittenhouse has about 8% savings or priced at $151.99. The Zoey has about 20% savings or priced at $139.99. The Liliy on the other hand has about 3% savings or priced at $155. These prices are made same as the date of this post. Click on the order button below to see the real-time prices.


Overall Impression of the UrbanLite

For an Umbrella Stroller, the Graco UrbanLite is truly packed with everything that can easily be mistaken as a Standard full-sized stroller. Also, adding an infant car seat and it becomes a lightweight travel system. If you are one of those on the go urban settlers, prefers straightforward and simple but can definitely go mobile in a matter of seconds, the UrbanLite is the best choice. Not only is it equipped with competitive features that some expensive strollers possess, it is cheap too.

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